Friday, 31 August 2012

Gold - A Smart Investment?

Gold is a precious metal which occurs naturally and has a high economic value in commodity markets.

Investing in precious metal like gold, more specifically in physical gold, is a good hedge against economic downfall. Given the conditions of the global economy, the devaluation of the US dollar is still impending. However, the downward spiral in currency value can be hedged to secure wealth in the US setting through gold investments.

Using Gold As Investment
The federal government is currently trying to improve central bank credibility through increasing its asset purchases or quantitative easing. However, this does not guarantee anything as inflation is still predicted to be approaching. All the government can do is to delay this process.  Thus, we have the option to take the matter in our own hands by having our own reserves of wealth and investments in the form of gold.

Investment opportunities in gold are currently flourishing especially in the US, where national policies are favorable to those who have already started investing in the metal and will start to invest as soon as possible. There is no better timing to start now.

There are several opportunities in this trade that yield large profits. One of your options is buying stocks in gold-mining. This form of investment depends on metal yield of the mining companies you invested in and the US dollar value.  Another is acquiring gold mutual funds which are rather expensive and have profits that are historically fluctuating. You can also engage in gold exchange trading funds (ETF). This type, like the previous two, is dependent on prices of gold in the commodity market. Thus, it does not guarantee that your investments are secure from financial disasters.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to invest in the tangible material like gold bullions and gold coins, which are highly collectible. Owning pieces of the precious metal is a more secure manner of investment which secures high profits even in times of imminent inflation and currency devaluation.

Here are examples of physical gold which you may get a hold of:

·         Gold bullions are of high purity, usually 99.9% and can even go up to 99.9999%.

·         Gold coins are highly collectible and have high aesthetic value.

Physical gold needs to be handled with care and stored in proper and secure places as they are of extremely high value. You can secure them in personal safes or in banks.

Now is the best time to secure your wealth and ensure profit. Now is the time to get matters in your own hands and not depend on government movements for economic stability. And ultimately, now is best time to invest in gold.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Gold Bullion Dealings

Investing and storing money in the form of gold is becoming more and more of a necessity than an option among the larger businessmen nowadays. Before you decide to delve further in the business of gold dealings, let us first find out what kind of gold is used in the market and how to pick the right kind of gold.

gold bullion coins
First of, the gold used in the investment market is gold bullions. These bullions come in coins or bars and are graded according purity ranging from 22 karats to 24 karats. The amount of gold in the bullion determines the price and not the purity. Gold bullions should not be confused with other golden items such as jewelry. The gold bullion coins are the preferred ones to own as they are used globally by most dealers.
When choosing gold bullion coins, the less damaged and untouched ones are best. So better not tamper with the coin with your hands or be tempted to twirl it along your fingers. The better the condition the coin, the better the quality and price of the coin as well. Also take note that there are plenty of coin certifiers that supposedly grade the gold bullion coin and fool others into believing that the encapsulation of their coins makes it more authentic and of higher quality. Do not be ripped-off by these people; as long as the coin remains unscathed, it’s as good as mint grade.

Now onto the next phase which is on tips when purchasing gold bullion coins. The global market is ever-changing, so make sure to be up-to-date with the price of gold bullions by checking reliable sources to prevent being scammed or overcharged. The next thing you should always remember when buying gold bullions is that you should buy from a dealer with a good reputation. Dealers like this are more likely to give discounts especially when you order in bulk. Gold bullions can also be purchased on the internet but this is not highly recommended as the risk of being scammed is higher and the deals can be made more complicated with the shipping process and being insured that the package arrives. Click to find out about current gold price.

 So there, now you know the basic things to remember when dealing with gold bullion trade. Know that gold bullions will remain steady in the market even when the global economy won’t be. Keep these tips in mind and your gold bullion investment will have smooth sailing in the long run.